At API we pride ourselves on a reputation that has been built on trust and our commitment to delivering the right property, on time, within budget and without complications.

We specialise in finding real estate for every budget and most importantly, to suit our clients requirements exactly as they wanted. We can source from our vast portfolio of property Apartments, Villas and land suitable for building purposes. Our apartments are a variety of private dwellings or on a complex. We have villas which are private with their own pool, or we have villas which can be provided on small complex with all the amenities you would come to expect. We can source land to suit the dream villa you have always wanted and we can also source large land suitable for long term investment opportunities or suitable for building of a complex or hotel.

Our portfolio of real estate comprises of both newly built/under construction, or resale properties we have acquired from clients. We can assure you that when we sell new or under construction property that we only work with the most reputable building companies in the area, ensuring completion without complications or delays. Our builder’s reputations are so highly thought of, some of the largest Turkish banks guarantee completion and will happily provide mortgage off plan. This gives reassurance to anyone looking to buy new property. Our resale properties are all thoroughly checked for debt clearance prior to API purchasing, so you can be assured that a resale property from API is without debt, and will always have habitation certificate.

API is a company that has a wealth of experience in real estate in Turkey and to add further security, we also have a partner who is fully qualified in Turkish Law as well as English Law, with degrees in both countries. This ensures we can give accurate legal information and fulfil all your legal requirements correctly.

Our properties are carefully selected by one partner who has unrivalled experience in Turkish Real Estate and we are always sought after by reputable construction companies to sell their properties prior to construction.

To give peace of mind and further reassurance to our UK clients, two of our partners are British and can easily guide you through the process of purchasing in a language that you will understand and feel comfortable with.

Lastly, our reputation of trust and reliability is what we at API are most proud of. This will never be compromised and we endeavour to build on this with every real estate sale.